spearfishing kit

What equipment do you need to get started with spearfishing?

Spearfishing is a popular way to catch fish and uses techniques that have proved their worth over centuries. It’s an environmentally-friendly way to fish as it causes no pollution or habitat damage, what’s more you’ll have great fun learning how to fish successfully and there will always be fresh fish for the dining table.

Equipment needed for spearfishing

Once you decide to take up spearfishing you need to make a shopping list of all the spearfishing kit you need to become a successful fisherman. In case you don’t know you’ll be in the water with the fish when spearfishing, so it’s a good idea if you can swim well.

It gets cold swimming underwater for long periods so you need a wetsuit that’s thick enough to protect you from scratches or jellyfish attack. A surfing wetsuit will be fine, or you could invest in a spearfishing wetsuit, this has a chest pad to protect your body from the continual jolting caused when you fire your speargun. You also need spearfishing fins, which are long and narrow and specifically designed for the sport. Make sure your fins are a good fit or you could lose them while swimming. A basic large-volume face mask and J-shape snorkel will be the best choice for underwater spearfishing. Finally, you need a weight belt to stop you floating up to the water surface. Rubber weightbelts are popular with spearfishers as they have quick release buckles, if needed in emergency situations. You will need to find the best weightbelt to keep your buoyancy neutral while you are underwater, so may need to experiment to find the best belt for your requirements. Gloves and booties will help maintain warmth while underwater, wetsuit gloves are a suitable choice or you can opt for thin gardening gloves when fishing in warmer waters.

A good sharp knife is an essential spearfishing tool which can be strapped to your body at all times. The knife is useful if fish need to be humanely killed, but you also face getting tangled in weeds or rope while swimming, use the knife to cut yourself free when this happens.

Finally, the choice of spearguns may seem overwhelming, but as a newbie to the sport you should stick to a lower power, smaller gun in the initial stages. A two-band, 90cm gun will work fine and as your freediving skills improve you can start to hunt with bigger and more powerful spearguns. You can also check out pole spears or Hawaiian slings when you start spearfishing. Pole spears are a great choice for hunting in areas with shallow surf.

When you do start spearfishing one of the most important rules to remember is that you should never dive solo. Take a dive buddy along on any spearfishing adventure, that way if you do experience problems you have somebody to rely upon who can help out, no matter what emergency situation arises.

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